Chennai Rhinos Are The champions

It was a amazing achievement for Chennai Rhinos at the final bout captivated in Hyderabad on Sunday, as the Kollywood boys defeated Karnataka Bulldozers to ensure that the cup alcove home for the additional after year.

Vikranth emerged the arena stealer, as the 'Karka Kasadara' amateur denticulate 95 runs. Not aloof that, the all-rounder in him came out in abounding anatomy on Sunday, as it was his bowling during the aftermost over that fabricated Chennai Rhinos aftertaste victory.

Chennai Rhinos, who batted first, set a boxy ambition of 161. But Karnataka Bulldozers, active up to their name, chased the gigantic account with singles, doubles as able-bodied as boundaries, cashing in on the not up-to-the-mark fielding of their Chennai counterparts.

When anybody was cerebration that they were set to win the match, the aftermost over bowled by Vikranth afflicted the fortunes appear Chennai. Vishal, the captain, said, "This is a appreciative moment for all of us. My acknowledgment to all the aggregation members."

Chennai Rhinos' administrator Sarath Kumar said, "Our boys accept played absolutely well. We are appreciative to win the cup for the additional time in a row."

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