Ajith's "Billa - 2" Audio launch soon

Thala "Ajith" is currently acting in Billa -2 and this movie has finished shooting. The post production work is going on. The music is composed by Rocking yuvan shankar raja. The songs will be really amazing and sure it will massive hit of 2012. The songs are expected to release on the second week of march, in chennai. The audio will be launched in a grand function in the front of all famous tamil stars. Am sure this movie is also a grand success for our "THALA".


India Beat Srilanka - "Massive" Victory Against Srilanka

India - srilanka match is held on today 28 Feb. In this srilanka elected to bat first and scored 320 runs. In that Dilshan scored 160 runs and sangakkara scored 105 runs. India started chasing the score sachin and sehwag managed to score 50 runs in just 6 overs. Finally india managed to reach the score in 36.4 overs. Virat kohli scored an unbeatable 133 and gambhir scored 63 runs. Finally india get the bonus point. All we have to pray is srilanka should lose the match against australia. Then only we can able to reach the finals. Hope india will reach the final and win the series.


In the evening sadness comes......

In the evening sadness comes and stands by the door, his face

Is hidden, from the dying sun he took some colors and painted his body

The sadness comes in the evening,

I stretched my hand and he caught my wrist, in an iron-hard clasp

He caught me out from my room, his face

Is black, he is ahead of me and I follow him

I crossed from the evening to the night, from the night to the dawn, then the morning, the noon, the day, the month

Crossing water, tree, boat, city, hill

Crossing blows, stumbling, poison, suspicions, jealousy, graves, genocide, the bones and ribs of civilization, swamp and grass

Then crossing my own death, death after death, going on and on

The bony fingers holding nothing but a pen



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"Illaiythalapathy Vijay" Latest Updated News

Illayathalapathy vijay is now busy in "Yovan" and "Thuppaki" movies. Now vijay has signed for a new project. That film will be directed by santhosh sivam, the director of "Urumi". Sure that movie will be mass hit for vijay. Vijay next projects are the latest talks of cini industry.


"Nelson Mandela" Health condition Is In Better Condition

Nelson mandela is admitted in hospital for bad health condition. Now his health condition is becoming better. Mandela is expected to return home on February 27. We pray for mandela for a long life.


"Amala Paul" Hot And Sexy News

"Amala paul" is the dream girl for lot of tamil youths now. Now she is going to tollywood side to disturb the telgu youth's, lol. Yes the telgu remake of kadhlil sothapuvathu yeppadi is "Love failure" that is massive hit in tollywood. Amala paul has recently signed for a new project in tollywood. In that "Ram charan teja" and "Amala Paul" are going to play the role in it. Hope the movie will be grand succes.


Surya's "MAATRAAN" Latest News

Surya's upcoming movieo is "Maatraan" that is directed by K.V Anand, the director of Massive hit movies "Ayan" and "KO". Kajal Agarwal is the heroine in this movie "Maatraan". Music composed by Harris Jeyaraj. The Music will be released soon and it will be expected to release in the middle of march. The movie will be expected to release on april and it is a great news our surya fans. I am very sure that this movie will be massive hit.


"5 Bank Robbers" Shoot Dead By Chennai Police In Encounter

The chennai police shoot dead 5 bank robbers in a gunfight on thursday morning. Among the five, four of them from bihar and one from west bengal as sources says. The police has surrounded the house around 1 am and asked them to surrender but the robbers start shooting at police and the police don't have any choice, they opened fire and shoot them to dead. Two police mens were injured in it and they are getting treatment in royapettah hospital. The name of the five robbers are Vinod kumar, Vinay Prasad, Abhay Kumar, Harish Kumar and chandrika ray.


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Cricket - India Wins Srilanka

The ODI match between india and srilanka is on 21 feb 2012. In that match India beat srilanka and win the match. India has now entered into the finals. The final will be between india and australia. Hope india will win that match too. All indians will be proud if india wins the final against australia.



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Rajini And Kamal Going To Act Together

It's a very very great news for all rajini and "Kamal" fans. Because kamal and rajini are planning to act together in a movie that's non other kamal's "maruthanayagam". Yes, kamal is planning to restart the movie maruthanayagam and he is planning rajini to act in this movie. There is great role in this movie for rajini. We are expecting the movie to be a great success.


"Michael Jackson" Unseen Photos


Chiyan Vikram Is Going To Act In Maniratnam's Assistant Movie

Chiyan "vikram" is currently acting in 'Thaandavan' and 'Karikalan'. He is impressed by maniratnam's assistant script. vikram is very eager to work in that movie. The movie is going to start after the these movies completed. This will be great movie for vikram.


Illaiyathalapathy "Vijay" Thupaki Movie Re-start on Feb 24

Illaiyathalapathy "Vijay" is currently acting in gautam's movie. Murugados movie Thipaki is waiting to start on, but it is delayed due to the fight between fefsi and film industry. Now the problems are clearing and the film will going to start on feb 24 sources says. This is a great news for all our Illayathalapathy "vijay" fans.


Rajini is Bigger Than anyone In Hollywood "Jackie Shroff" Says

Jackie shroff is playing a vital role rajini's upcoming movie "kochadaiyaan". Speaking to an interview jackie says "I like rajini's simplicity and he is bigger than anyone in hollywood". This film is going to directed by Ashwin. Asin is playing an lead a role in this movie. We hope this movie will be a huge success.


Chennai Rhinos Are The champions

It was a amazing achievement for Chennai Rhinos at the final bout captivated in Hyderabad on Sunday, as the Kollywood boys defeated Karnataka Bulldozers to ensure that the cup alcove home for the additional after year.

Vikranth emerged the arena stealer, as the 'Karka Kasadara' amateur denticulate 95 runs. Not aloof that, the all-rounder in him came out in abounding anatomy on Sunday, as it was his bowling during the aftermost over that fabricated Chennai Rhinos aftertaste victory.

Chennai Rhinos, who batted first, set a boxy ambition of 161. But Karnataka Bulldozers, active up to their name, chased the gigantic account with singles, doubles as able-bodied as boundaries, cashing in on the not up-to-the-mark fielding of their Chennai counterparts.

When anybody was cerebration that they were set to win the match, the aftermost over bowled by Vikranth afflicted the fortunes appear Chennai. Vishal, the captain, said, "This is a appreciative moment for all of us. My acknowledgment to all the aggregation members."

Chennai Rhinos' administrator Sarath Kumar said, "Our boys accept played absolutely well. We are appreciative to win the cup for the additional time in a row."


Sridevi's Daughter Came Into Cine Field

Radha..there a annual of actresses who acquire brought their daughters to their career acting and to some admeasurement the daughters were accustomed in befitting their mom’s name. Following mom’s footsteps now comes Jhanvi, the bairn of the adorableness Sridevi.

Jhanvi is set to achieve her acceptance in Telugu. There are some similarities with Jhanvi and Radha’s bairn Karthika. Both acquire their ancient becloud with Nagarjuna’s son. Karthika had with Naga Chaitanya and now Jhanvi is action to brace with Akhil, Nagarjuna’s boyish son. Sridevi is absolute active with her daughter’s acceptance animate Karthika’s ancient becloud with Naga Chaitanya did not do able at the box office.

As a allocation of this Sridevi has adorable Jhanvi for training in action and expressions for three months. Sridevi was a absolute accustomed added in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu and has a adequate accumulating of films to her credit. Moving to Bollywood, she got affiliated to Boney Kapoor and is now the mother of two. Will Jhanvi able to accrue her mom’s name safe? Wait and see.


Telugu Sexy Tv Anchor "UDAYA BHANU" - Very Very sexy

Udaya bhanu is one of the best famous, beautiful, aerated as able-bodied as absorbing ballast in the baby screen. She was built-in in Karim Nagar. She absent his ancestor at the age of 5 years. His ancestor name was SK Patel (doctor) and mother was Ayurvedic doctor. She alike apprentice Kuchipudi.

She completed his academy activity in Vikarabad. She completed MA in Literature. She started his career in cine acreage back she was belief in 10th class. She acted in a cine alleged "Erra Sainyam" by Narayana Murthy. In that cine her role was a 10th chic babe who is the sister of Narayana Murthy. She started her career in tv with a affairs alleged as " Hridayanjali" on Etv.

Udaya Bhanu is married, she had faced abounding problems while her marriage. Her mom adjoin her alliance again Udaya bhanu abiding a columnist accommodated adjoin her mom. Back they searched for abode afterwards alliance no one provided them. They backward in the amateur Uttej abode for few canicule again afterwards that her mother afflicted his apperception and took Udaya Bhanu to her house.


Nayanthara & Prabhudeva Latest & Interesting News

The Principal Ancestors Cloister in Chennai has directed Prabhu Deva and Nayantara to arise on October 23 in affiliation with a abode filed by the former's wife Ramalath alias Latha, gluttonous to break their proposed alliance in December.

According to Anandan, admonition for Ramalath, the Ancestors Cloister Judge accepted the ancestors altercation abode filed by Ramalath and directed Prabhu Deva and Nayantara to arise afore the cloister and accord their adaptation on the proposed alliance today.

Since the two did not about-face up, she filed a beginning abode advertence that a arouse be beatific to Prabhu Deva. Since Nayantara does not acquire a abiding address, she fabricated an attack to accelerate the apprehension through South Indian Film Artistes Association which they banned to accept. Following this the cloister issued the orders.


Amitabh Bachchan Will Return Home Soon

Amitabh has been admitted in the hospital for abdominal problem. The doctors made an operation and it lasted for more than 3 hours. The operation is success and our Big B is recovering to normal life. He will return home soon. This will be great news for our Big B fans.


Health Insurance

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2 Head - 5 Headed Snakes - "Amazing" Photos

We have heard a lot of news about 2 headed snakes and 5 headed snakes. Is they are real? There are two headed snakes in this world. But 5 headed snakes is an imaginary one i think so. Because there is no evidence has found about there is an existence of 5 headed snakes. But lot us have seen two headed snakes. That's true two headed snakes exist in this world. If you have an opportunity to see a 2 headed snakes please share the image with us. If you any experience before you have saw a 2 headed snakes or 5 headed snakes share the information with us friends.


Goat Milk Is Healthy Milk

Goat milk is the healthiest milk, all doctor is accepting this. Father of our nation "Mahatma gandhi" also likes to drink goat milk. It gives strength to us to built our stamina. Areport says india is having largest goat population in the world so we are lucky to get goat milk easily when compared to others. Goat milk is much more better than cow's milk. Goat milk is easy to digest when compared to cow's milk.

Goat milk is containing higher amount of calcium, Magnesium, phosphorus than cow milk and human milk. It is strongly recommended to infants, old peoples which gives them more stamina. Even though the population of goat is higher in india, it is not much popular like cow's milk because of the lack of knowledge in the benefits of goat milk. But in USA and Europe goat's dairy products is available in plenty full.


Nine Films Releasing this Friday

This friday is the great one for the film lovers. Because this friday nine films are going to release.

1. Dhoni
2. Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakumoolam
3. Vilayada vaa
4. Oru Mazhai Naangu chaaral
5. Soozhnilai
6. Rudraboomi
7. Vachathi
8. Engada unga Mandhiri
9. Uchithanai Mugarndhal

These are the films which are announce to release on this friday. Hope all these films will run successfully and entertain our tamil audience.


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Amazing News About "Irandam Ulagam" Movie

Director selvaraghavan's pet project "irandam ulagam" is going on shooting now. The 40% of shooting has being finished and it is shooted in hyderabad and goa. The most amazing news about the movie is, it is the first movie going to be shooted in the forest of brazil. Because no other tamil movie has not yet being shooted there. It's been a thrilling moment to whole team. Arya and anushka are the lead takers of this movie and the captan of the ship is non other than selvaraghavan. It will be surely a virtual treat to tamil audience.


Ananya Gets Engaged

Ananya is engaged to Anjaneyan on February 2 in kerala traditional style. She is well known to all tamil peoples through "Engeyum Eppothum" and "Nadodigal". she is an wonderful and best actress. Ananya plans to quit acting after marriage. Right now she is acting in 2 malayalam movies. We wish her a happy marriage life.


Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal Latest News

Atharva - Amala Paul's 'Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal' has been certified a clean 'U' by the censor board. This film is a romantic and entertainment movie. This film is going to release on February 17 as a valentine's day treat to all loving hearts. This film is directed by Elred kumar and music by G V prakash. This film is going to released in 250 screens worldwide.


Rajinikanth New Film Latest News

Rajini's new film is announced and it is 'kochadaiyaan'. It will be directed by K.s Ravikumar. Deepika padukone is going play a opposing role to our superstar. This film is going to be filmed fully in latest 3D technology. This will be a new experience to our superstar fans. Sneha is playing sister's role for rajini in this film. Sarath kumar also playing an important role in this film.


Arya Is Ajith's New Villan

Arya is going to play a villan character in Ajith's upcoming movie. "Thala" Ajith is now busy in Billa - 2. This film will be started on march. The director of this film will be prabhudeva. Arya's salary in this film is 5 crore. Am rathnam is going to produce this film and heroine is nayanthara. The film title is not yet announced. This is great news for our "Thala" fans and arya fans also.


Amy Jackson Hot News

Gautham Menon was due to activate the Hindi accommodate of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa but this activity has been put in the aback burner for now, we hear. The administrator has absitively to about-face his focus aback to Kollywood by basic Thuppariyum Anand. The blur was accounted to accept Ajith in the advance but a argument amid the two led to it actuality shelved.

The most recent fizz is that TA will be launched anon and the administrator has roped in Madarasapattinam acclaim Amy Jackson to comedy the changeable lead.


Jackie Chan And Kamal Haasan Going To Act in A Movie

Hollywood Superstar, Jackie Chan has been approached for a key role in Thalaivan Irukindran starring Kamal Haasan and to be produced by Aascar Ravichandran. It seems like a sure thing as Jackie Chan has a lot of respect and affection for Kamal Haasan and he also knows the producer.

Jackie Chan interacted with both during Dasavatharam and we hear he is intrigued. This is already a much talked about project as the producer is hoping to rope in Shankar to direct the film and Katrina Kaif for the heroine's role. It will certainly be a casting coup if he can pull it off.


Kamal Haasan Unseen Getup in "Viswaroopam"

Kamal Haasan will arise as an Afghani in Viswaroopam, address sources in Kollywood. The brilliant is accepted for experimenting with his roles and this time about has absitively on an Afghani accouterment to awe his fans.

He is not alone arena the advance role in Viswaroopam but happens to be the administrator as well. Pooja Kumar, Isha Sharwani and Andrea comedy the advance role in this blur which is said to be based on agitation and terrorists.

Shankar-Eshaan-Loy are the music admiral of Viswaroopam.


Ajith Latest Updated News

Ajith Kumar ability aloof be accomplishing a blur with Vikram's Deiva Thirumagal director, AL Vijay. Vikram and Vijay are currently accomplishing Thaandavam together. Once this activity is completed, the Ajith blur will apparently booty off.
Art director, Santhanam who formed on Deivathirumagal accepted as abundant back he said that he was clumsy to accompany the Thaandavam aggregation as he is active with Nedunchalai directed by Krishna and CS Amuthan's Erandavuthu Padam. However, he will be teaming up with AL Vijay for the Ajith film.


Surya Latest Interesting News

While his adolescent brother Karthi will attempt with actors like Vijay and Dhanush for box appointment honours this Pongal, Suriya will allowance a war adjoin himself this autumn festival, but on the baby screen.

For, Sun and Kalaignar, the two accepted television channels in Tamil, accept lined up ‘Ayan’ and ‘Aadhavan’ appropriately as the highlight of their two day continued ceaseless Pongal appropriate programmes.

So, absolutely like the box office, the champ actuality too will be absitively by the viewers. And the aftereffect will be out back the television ratings credibility for the Pongal anniversary are appear after this month.

While ‘Ayan’ is produced by Sun Pictures, the blur assembly arm of the Sun TV Network, ‘Aadhavan’ is produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin, whose adjacency with Kalaignar TV needs no explanation. The above is directed by K V Anand and the closing by K S Ravikumar and both are cool hits.


"Saguni" and "3" Releasing Soon

Last month, the Producers Council came with this curfew after it felt that the release of big films throughout the year affect the prospects of small movies in the box-office.Says SA Chandrasekhar, president of TFPC, "in addition to the five announced dates (Pongal, Tamil New Year Day, May Day, Independence Day and Deepavali), big films can be released on the first week of March and June and mid-December.

Following requests from its own members and other stake holders of the industry like distributors and exhibitors, the TFPC has relaxed the norms, allowing big films to hit the screens on eight occasions a year.Also, small budget movies find it difficult to get theatres thanks to competition from their 'big brothers'.


Anjali Latest Hot News

Happy about sharing the screen space with the 'Chiyaan', she says, "Only recently I had an opportunity to act with Ajith (in 'Mankatha'). It's a delight with act with Vikram now, who is another top star of Tamil film industry. I am a great fan of him."

Anjali will be learning martial arts and horse riding for the movie, since her role requires her to be part of some stunt sequences too. "A challenging task is ahead and I am hopeful of giving my best to it," she says.


kochadaiyaan First Look


Unseen Video of srilankan Tamil Peoples killed


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