Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar & Krugerrands

Hi friends, we all prefer to invest our hard earned money in gold. Because the gold rate is going on increasing day by day. There are lot of ways to invest in gold. The most preferred way by most of us is online investing. It’s the most secure way to invest in it. Silver is also the most preferable way to invest our money. The silver morgan dollar is famous in silver dollar’s. It is created to absorb the massive quantity of silver minted from the Comstock Lode. It was designed by George T.Morgan in 1878. If you like to invest in rare silver coins then this is the right choice to invest.

Another most famous dollar is the peace dollar. It was minted in the year 1921-1928 in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. It was minted to commemorate the signing of peace treaty between U.S and Germany at the end of World War 1. It was wonderful to have this dollar and you should proud of having it.

The most invested coin is the krugerrand coins precious metal because of its purity. It was introduced in the year of 1970. It was the first coin introduced for investment purpose. The krugerrand is very famous because of its reasonable price, quality and purity of gold. The purity of gold is printed in the gold coin itself. 1 oz krugerrands weigh approximately two thirds of gold content in it. This post is very much helpful for choosing the best way of investing in gold.

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